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The GDI Podcast: VR Platform ‘Planet Theta’ Represents The Future Of Dating!

Dominic Whitlock

Global Dating Insights

November 3rd, 2021

Over the past two years, the popularity of virtual and video dating has grown exponentially, with the implication of the COVID-19 as the main catalyst.

While singles were previously unsure about having video calls with an almost complete stranger, they have become an integral part of the dating journey. Experts now say that VR and AR will be the next step in streamlining the process.

Planet Theta hopes to be the first VR dating platform and is currently in the middle of its beta testing phase. Produced by FireFlare Games, an independent VR development studio, Planet Theta is a whole new world where users can go on dates in bars and outdoor environments, as well as hang out in their own customisable environment.

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The Metaverse: brave new worlds or an endless virtual mall? 

Harry Menear


October 20, 2021

Harry Menear does a great job explaining how the metaverse is “having a real moment right now.” The metaverse is now beginning to focus on VR dating as can be seen with the creation of Planet Theta. Menear suggest Planet Theta is a “metaverse of love” and that “people can meet, chat, and maybe even fall in love”. Menear suggests that people on Tinder are “hungry for something to make it better” and that Planet Theta is “the first VR metaverse explicitly for online dating”. Menear concludes with a cautionary discussion about the commercialization of the metaverse and how it “will be even more fertile ground for tech companies to harvest consumer data”.


VR Dating: Ready for dating in the metaverse world?

Daniel Levi


OCTOBER 19, 2021

Daniel Levi does a good job explaining how the term metaverse was coined and what it means today. Levi goes on to explain that “Planet Theta’s focus on VR dating may actually be the cheat code” needed to “realize Zuckerberg’s Metaverse.” Levi argues that Planet Theta will “give millions of people around the world their first compelling reason to access the metaverse.” Throughout the article, Levi compares Match at the beginning of the internet to Planet Theta today.

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Virtual dating soon a reality with new app

Liz Hobday


Daily Mail (UK)

1st October 2021 

Liz Hobday does a great job introducing virtual reality dating as a concept to a mainstream audience. She briefly explains many of the advantages that VR dating has over online and traditional dating including being more “convenient” and facing less “rejection”. The focus of the article is how FireFlare Games is making the “first virtual reality program dedicated to dating” called Planet Theta. Planet Theta offers people the ability to “meet up in virtual nightclubs”, beaches, or cafes and can use the app to choose to meet “others who live in the same area or elsewhere in the world.”


Dating in VR

Jonathan Collins


7th December 2020

Jonathan Collins does a solid job explaining how “stay at home orders and rules of social distancing” have made dating difficult. The author goes on to suggest that VR offers “a technological” solution that “actually allows people” to go on dates. Collins goes through a number of related topics including a couple recently married in VR, dating coaches, and even “VR Therapy” to help with “mental health issues”.


How Virtual Reality Could Change the Way We Date

Liesel Sharabi Ph.D.

Psychology Today

9th July 2021

Dr. Sharabi explains how VR dating has advantages that can make it preferable to online dating and “many face-to-face meetings”. Sharabi looks at a 2015 report by Imperial College Business School and eHarmony UK that suggested that increasing data transfer rates would “make virtual reality dating a possibility”. Another study Dr. Sharabi included by Frost showed that “virtual dates” revealed more about people than online dating profiles. A concept called “excitation transfer” may cause people in VR to be more attractive than in person. Dr. Sharabi also looks at a writing considering the possibility VR date coaching.


Post-Lockdown Changes: Is Online Dating Using VR And AR A New Way To Go?

The author explains how in 2020, mainly due to the pandemic, there had been a global shift in dating. Out of fear of meeting new people generally, “people began spending more time talking and getting to know each other, being cautious, and not pressured into meeting up ASAP”. The author does a good job explaining how this greater reliance on online dating has opened the door for a more immersive technology. The author explains that “virtual reality technology and online dating are a match made in heaven” because you are able to get a sense who someone is on a VR date “without meeting them physically”. The author explains the limitless possibilities for a virtual date. People can take each other anywhere they want to go, including “a foreign country or another planet”.

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How You Can Now Use VR To Date Online In A Lockdown World

Edward Lauder


24th November 2020

Edward Lauder outlines a number of good “benefits” to using VR for dating. These include being able to go to “exotic spots” without having to travel there and “saving time” and “money” meeting people and going on dates. Some of the article is spent giving advice to readers on how best to setup a VR dating profile, including highlighting “what you are seeking and your interests”.


Does VR Dating increase prospects of real life hook-ups?

News Desk

The Siasat Daily

28th July 2020

The authors review a groundbreaking study by the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-H) regarding the effectiveness of dating in virtual reality. The study included 30 people (15 male and 15 female) university students that compared interacting through Tinder to a customized version of RecRoom. The study found that VR was better than “Tinder in terms of gauging potential of an emerging relationship or an overall dating experience.” 28 out of the 30 respondents “felt that VR” allowed them to make an “informed decision” about whether to meet someone in person. Some people who did not match well after chatting on Tinder found each other to be “potential date material after the VR meet”.


Move Over Online Dating! Virtual Reality Is The Future Of Finding Love

Sol Rogers
20th September 2019

Sol Rogers does a great job explaining what VR dating is and how much more of a connection one can make through virtual dating, compared to online dating. “A VR date should be a more intense and personal experience than online dating.” He points out many of the advantages including the “ability to engage users through multiple senses” and being able to do so “from the safety of your own space”. This article is a great read for anyone who is interested in VR dating or is a virtual reality enthusiast.


Is Virtual Reality the Future of Online Dating?

Stanley & Morph

Charlotte Stories

13 May 2019

The author does a good job explaining how VR may “transform that dating experience” as “experts are trying to combine online dating and virtual reality”. This author seems to be a strong advocate for the strength and advantages of VR dating over online dating and explain how it can be used to “heartbreak” and “embarrassment”, among other benefits. The author cites another story that suggests “Virtual Reality can change” the concept of online dating. One example the author touches on is a VR dating coach app called the Girlfriend Activation System.

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Virtual reality dating: What's it like to take someone out online?

Dave Evans Bailey does a great job explaining how virtual reality is soon to come to dating and will likely rival the current poplar apps, including Tinder. “Unlike chatting with someone on Tinder but never meeting up, it could feel very, very real” to go on a VR date. The author does a good job of showing the breadth of new developments related to VR dating including Facebook’s show called Virtually Dating, an app providing immersive dating lessons, and an app that allows men to marry their favourite anime character in VR. 


Virtual Reality Dating – How Would This Work?

Alex (News Writer)

Virtual Living

November 13, 2017

This author explores the parallels between online dating and VR dating and suggests that although there are no “dedicated virtual reality dating applications on the market right now, it’s sure there will be some soon.” Many of the pitfalls and issues with online dating are discussed including that 53% of people lie on their online dating profile and that there are some significant “dangers” involved with meeting someone in person after connecting through traditional dating apps. Many of the successes of online dating are discussed as well, including that Tinder claims responsibility for over “11 billion matches”. 


I went on a date in space. It was a little weird

Samantha Rhodes 


14th February 2017

Samantha Rhodes gives a terrific description of going on a VR date through a social app called vtime. The author goes on to explain how much dating has changed since when “couples met through family friends at their church or synagogue or by the water cooler at work”. But that today, “more than 90 percent of America’s singles have tried online dating”. Although the author gives a mixed review of her personal experience VR dating, she cites a 2015 eharmony study suggesting that her experience VR dating may be “a window into the future”.


VR Online Dating: The New Safe Sex

Brenda K. Wiederhold, PhD, MBA, BCB, BCN

Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking

May 2016

Brenda K. Wiederhold expertly discusses many of the issues surrounding virtual reality dating. The author explains the “psychological basis” behind the need to “meet in-person” with someone met through online dating before “pursuing a romantic relationship”.  VR dating can resolve this “by creating intimacy without requiring awkward or unsafe in-person meetings”. In addition, the author takes on the issue of “Catfishing” suggesting it could become a problem but also suggesting that with this new technology, “real attraction would become more difficult to fake.”





13 December 2015

Yasmin Tayag does a really great job explaining the biggest issues with online dating and how virtual reality could be solution. Phone apps like “OkCupid and Tinder may have made finding a date easy, but the dates themselves can still be an unbearable waste of time.” The author quotes Paul Hollywood from vTime saying “VR can create intimacy without requiring potentially awkward or even unsafe in-person interactions” by making “assessing chemistry a lot less painless”. The author concludes that the public is ready for VR dating, citing a survey and an eharmony industry analysis.